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Name: Cilantro
Latin name: Coriandrum sativum
Harvest area: Asia minor and Mideast
Harvest period: June & September
Stimulates the stomach thus
favors digestion

Cilantro, also called Coriander, "Arab parsley" or " Chinese parsley", it is one of the oldest culinary herbs. It can be found in the Pharaohs tombs. Its smell started a superstition: "to keep demons away, nothing is better than a handful of cilantro thrown into the fire".

This plant, mainly cultivated in Mediterranean areas, in India, in Eastern Europe and in Central America can also be found growing wild in the south east of Europe. It is harvested in June and in September.

Favorite recipes:
Cilantro accompanies all pulses, salads, white meats, and also fish. It is indispensable in oriental and Asian cuisine.

In cooking, the leaves, the seeds and the roots are all used. Above a certain temperature, cilantro loses most of its aroma.

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