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Name: Dill
Latin name: Anethum graveolens
Harvest area: Europe and Asia
Harvest period: June&September
· Calming
· Sedative
· Digestive
· Stimulating

Dill has been known since ancient times. Traces have been found in roman ruins. Today, dill is appreciated by gastronomists for its aromatic seeds as well as for its leaves. Dill is found in Central, East and North Europe cuisines.

Dill originates from west Asia and Southern Europe. Today is mainly cultivated in Europe and North America. The leaves are harvested during the whole year.

Favorite recipes:
Dill adds flavour to raw and cooked fish, marinades and meatballs. It is also enjoyed in cucumber and potato salads. Dill is also used for the distillation of Aquavit, a liqueur flavoured with several plants used in northern countries.

Dill is cultivated both for its aromatic leaves and seeds. Similar to fennel in scent and other properties, it is also used in condiments.

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