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Fresh Frozen Herbs
Introducing fresh picked, chopped, frozen herbs. Ready to use for savory cooking all year around.
  • Fesh Frozen Basil
  • Fresh frozen Cilantro
  • Fresh Frozen parsley
  • Fresh frozen garlic
Fesh Frozen Basil Basil 100% Natural, 1.76 oz

"The most Mediterranean of herbs"

Traditionally basil is associated with pasta and tomatoes. But it goes divinely with all sun-ripened vegetables: sweet peppers, eggplant and zucchini. Be adventurous and try marrying it with grilled fish or even lamb chops. And donít forget to try it in a sugary version with chocolate deserts or even summer fruits.

Fresh frozen Cilantro Cilantro 100% Natural, 1.76 oz

"The herb from a thousand countries"

Cilantro is the quintessential travelling herb. It is used in North Africa to make tajines, in Thailand where it is mixed with garlic or ginger, in Indian curries and in Mexican guacamoles and salsa. So let yourself be carried away!

Fresh frozen Parsley Parsley 100% Natural, 1.76 oz

"The vitamin-rich herb"

Parsleyís strength is that it goes well with everything: vegetables, meat, fish, salads, etc. It is the star of our cuisines. Great on summer vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, etc.), in the winter you can use it on pan-fried mushrooms or vegetables. Use it abundantly since it is the vitamin champion (C, B9, E and provitamin A) and rich in iron.

Fresh frozen Oregano Garlic  100% Natural, 2.65 oz

"Oh, garlic!"

People are increasingly talking about garlicís virtues. But above all it adds flavor to dishes: used whole in a leg of lamb or crushed in a little oil to brush a roast or added with parsley to French beans.

Minute recipe: rub a piece of garlic on toast and then sprinkle some olive oil on it. Itís ready to enjoy!

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