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Name: Garlic
Latin name: Allium sativum
Harvest area: Asia
Harvest period: Summer
• Source of vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus and copper
•High in vitamin B6 and

Originates from central Asia where it is symbol of strength and vitality. Nowadays, garlic is particularly appreciated in Asia and in Mediterranean countries. Passed civilizations considered garlic to be a tonic and invigorating food. Greek and Roman athletes used to eat it before confronting their opponents in the arena.

Needing little attention, garlic is suitable for all climates and more or less any soil. In France, garlic is harvested in autumn.

Favorite recipes:
Garlic is ideal with meats, whole in lamb dishes or crushed in a little oil to marinate roasts. Garlic is the main ingredient for sauces but also pesto.

Garlic is an herbaceous plant of which only the bulb is used, also called garlic head, which is made of about a dozen of cloves. Garlic must be kept in a cool, dry and aerated place, in order to avoid germination.

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