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Flavorful, healthy vegetable snacks
If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your diet, eating more fruits and vegetables is the way to go – and if you want something really easy, just eat them on their own as snacks.

Of course, many people aren’t crazy about eating raw veggies. Fortunately, with a bit of flavoring with fresh frozen herbs, tasty veggies are a simple, easy snack that will get you the vitamins you need in a flavorful way.

Here are some ideas for flavoring healthy veggie snacks with herbs:

Quick vegetable snacks
– Enjoy these on their own between meals

Snap peas with parsley
- Snap peas are a refreshing snack that tastes great with parsley either raw or slightly cooked. In the winter months, try boiling some water and simmering some snap peas for about 6 minutes with salt, and a dash of butter. Then, add fresh frozen parsley to the snap peas and enjoy a delicious, easy veggie snack!

Carrots and celery with dill dip
– As a snack or to serve during a party, carrots and celery with dill dip is an easy, flavorful and healthy choice. Simply add fresh frozen dill to your favorite vegetable dip to give it a homemade twist or make your own simple dill dip by adding dill to sour cream.

Mixed veggies and bread with cilantro and basil olive oil dip
– A truly simple and delicious way to enjoy vegetables, an olive oil based pesto dip made with fresh frozen herbs will taste like a homemade dipping sauce. Combine equal amounts of fresh frozen basil and cilantro to taste with a plate of olive oil. Add a dash of salt and, if desired, a bit of Parmesan cheese and garlic, and voila! Serve with your favorite cut veggies and enjoy.

Vegetables on the side
– Add these to your main course and get ready for flavor

Squash with basil
– Fresh frozen basil will add zest to your squash and make it an even more inviting winter vegetable. Squash is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C, while basil packs magnesium and iron.

Steamed mixed vegetables with herbs
- Steaming your veggies is a great way to prepare them, especially during colder months when cold, crunchy veggies are less appetizing then, warm, slightly soft steamed vegetables with herbs. Simply slice up your vegetables of choice, add water, olive oil and fresh frozen original blend herbs to your steamer and steam for about 12 minutes after the mixture boils. Try adding some red onions to your veggie herb mix for a little added kick of flavor.
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