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Warm up with Daregal!
The weather is turning colder, so warm up with some soups and stews flavored with Daregal fresh frozen herbs. We’ve got tips for using all of our herbs to add flavor to delicious, easy-to-make soups and stews.

Tired of flavor-lacking store-bought dishes? Spice things up with our simple tips for adding big time flavors to the foods that take the littlest amount of time to prepare.

Warm up with Daregal!

When the weather turns cool, it's time to change up your every day cuisine! Replacing light, cold dishes with hearty, warm meals is as much a part of the fall season as falling leaves and football.

Using some Fresh Frozen Herbs is a great way to bring a flavor burst to some traditional fall dishes - like soups and stews.

Nothing spells a cold spell better than a bowl of hot soup. Soups can be customized and tinkered with so that no recipe is the same - and even the same recipe can be made different ways.

So go ahead and add some parsley or a little cilantro to your favorite soups and stews and you’ll be pleased with the big time flavors packed into our small, Fresh Frozen Herb containers.

And don’t worry about time. Homemade soups don’t require all day in the kitchen, which is a common misconception. Many delicious soups can be made with little effort, especially ones made with water-based broth, fresh vegetables and a herb-based puree.

As a general rule, add herbs to soups at the beginning of the cooking process. To unleash the most flavor, add some more herbs before serving.

So, what herbs go with what soups you ask? Good question.

Our herb of the month, Parsley, is a versatile culinary herb that adds flavor and a lovely fresh aroma to virtually any homemade soup.

Try it with – Potato based soups take on a soothing, fresh taste when flavored with a generous portion of Daregal fresh Frozen parsley.

A prerequisite to Italian cooking, Oregano has a zesty flavor that is most prevalent when fresh, so soup recipes that call for dried oregano will be flavored up much more with our fresh frozen oregano.

Try it with – Minestrone. A mainstay of Italian cuisine, minestrone is the name for hearty vegetable soups that can be made with a variety of veggies and pastas. Easily enhance the flavor of you preferred minestrone recipe with Daregal fresh frozen oregano.

Basil adds a little pop of flavor to almost anything you can make at home.

Try it with – Cream of squash soup. Squash is a perennial fall favorite. A squash based cream soup can be made several ways, from simply mashed squash with garlic to chicken broth paired with squash. Jack up the flavor of your favorite squash dish with basil to give it an authentic, satisfyingly fresh taste.

Another versatile herb, cilantro has a slightly exotic taste and is widely used in Mediterranean and Indian cooking.

Try it with – Bean-based soups can be enhanced immensely with a cilantro-based pesto. Make a simple one with our fresh frozen cilantro, olive oil and celery.

Dill has a unique, refreshing flavor and can enhance the flavor of many dishes that aren’t normally associated with the herb.

Try it with: Chicken noodle soup - sprinkling some dill on any type of Chicken-based soup and you’ll have a soup with a crisp, hearty taste.

Don’t stew about it

Looking for something a bit more filling? Perhaps an intense, satisfying comfort food to warm up with after raking some leaves in a colder-than normal fall afternoon? Try some hearty stew! Here are two of our own fulfilling stew recipes:

Beef stew with parsley

Lamb stew with Cilantro and Onion
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