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December 2009
Flavorful winter salads – suitable for holiday serving
Salads with fresh frozen herbs are an ideal addition to any menu, especially during the holiday season.

Winter is the ideal time to try Daregal fresh frozen herbs, since there isn’t easy access to fresh herbs and a little convenience added to the kitchen is always welcomed.

Fresh frozen herbs from Daregal Gourmet can make your salads pop with flavor year round: On its own or in a dressing!

A herb-splashed salad dressing makes for a unique, crisp-tasting homemade salad flavor that will impress your guests and add a zesty flavor to your holiday menu. You can jazz up simple vinaigrette dressing with Daregal fresh frozen basil and parsley.

Olive oil with parsley and basil also makes an easy and delicious dipping sauce for bread. Adding garlic, salt, vinegar and dijon mustard can create a simple, delicious sauce that can be used for both bread and salads.

Because Daregal’s special freezing methods retain the fresh, natural flavor and aromas of the herbs, boosting the fresh factor of whatever salad recipe you are preparing this winter is a snap!

When the weather gets cold and dreary, a fresh tasting salad can be just the right touch to a holiday meal or dinner party. Adding a new taste to your salad is simple as sprinkling some Daregal herbs on as a finishing touch to whatever salad you plan to serve.

And if you’re looking for something new, try this special herbal winter salad:

Five roma tomatoes cut to serve
1.5 tablespoons of vinegar
˝ teaspoon of black pepper and salt
˝ cup of olive oil
1 teaspoon of Daregal fresh frozen basil
1 teaspoon of Daregal fresh frozen oregano
8 cups of mixed salad greens
1 cup of chopped mushrooms
˝ cup of chopped almonds
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