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Name: Basil
Latin name: Ocimum Basilicum
Harvest area: India
Harvest period: June - October
Digestive as a herbal tea
Calming as a cataplasm
Keeps mosquitoes away

In India, basil is found at the sides of temples as it is considered as sacred and magic. Eating it would protect from the coming of scorpions. Egyptians used it to embalm the dead.

Cultivation of basil needs a hot and sunny climate. The harvest is carried out from June to October.

Favorite recipes:
Basil is the main ingredient of pesto. Its aroma is also suitable for a ratatouille, a gaspacho or all types of raw vegetables.
Basil is suitable to use with parsley, thyme, wild thyme, savory.

Basil is used preferably raw, as its aroma is lost by cooking it a long time. Today for the reasons of preserving its aroma it is not mixed but a pestle and mortar is used.

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