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Name: Parsley
Latin name: Petroselium sativum
Harvest area: Central and
southern Europe
Harvest period: June - October
Rich in vitamins A and C

Originally, parsley was considered sacred by the Greeks, it was not used It never really conquered our dishes until the XVII century. Since, parsley became the pillar of cuisine as well as the most known aromatic herb.

It is a wild plant in south-west Asia and North Africa, it is largely cultivated in the whole world. The harvest of the leaves it takes place twice a year by removing the leaves, from June to October.

Favorite recipes:
Chopped with garlic, aromatic parsley, roasted vegetables or lamb. It also accompanies escargots and pate'.

Parsley is cultivated as a condiment plant for its leaves. Two species are currently consumed :
Curly parsley, very bushy and decorative but with a less intense flavour in the cuisine.
Flat parsley, where leafs are very aromatic, long and flat. Buy Parsley Recipes with Parsley

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