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Flavor combo cheat sheet

Fresh frozen herbs can add a great deal of flavor to all sorts of foods. When you have some Daregal herbs in your freezer, even mundane items sitting in your cupboards and refrigerator can become flavorful meals and snacks in seconds with the flavor power of fresh frozen herbs.

So, if you’re looking for ways to spice up common recipes and ingredients, try these can’t miss herb pairings.

Use these simple herbs and ingredients quick reference next time you’re looking for some easy flavor.

Entrée – Beef, Chicken or Seafood
Side dish – Garlic, Mushrooms, Nuts, Potatoes, Leafy vegetables
Sauces – Blue cheese, Olive oil, Vegetables based

Entrée – Beef, Sausage, Seafood
Side dish – Corn, Avocados, Chiles, Tomatoes, Avocados
Sauces – Curry, Mint, Yogurt based

Entrée – Lamb, Chicken, Steaks, Pizza, Pasta
Side dish – Soups, Salads, Potatoes, Tomatoes
Sauces – Marinades, Pesto

Entrée – Seafood, Beef, Pasta
Side dishes – Artichokes, Asparagus, Potatoes,
Sauces – Garlic, Mushroom, Onion, Tomato


Flavor up your left over’s

Daregal Gourmet makes it a snap to create fresh-tasting meals and snacks - even when you don't have much prep time or a stockpile of fresh ingredients in your fridge.

This month we're offering simple tips to turn leftovers into exciting new flavorful dishes. Since there's sure to be plenty of leftovers following your feasts this holiday season, let your celebrations continue the next day with our special holiday leftover tips with Daregal Gourmet fresh frozen herbs. Don’t forget these tips can be used year round, no matter what kind of leftovers you pull out of the fridge.

Meat and poultry: Try using left over chicken or turkey in homemade soups, flavored with Daregal herbs. Create a totally new flavored soup by shredding your cooked poultry and meat leftovers and combining olive oil and fresh frozen herbs like f and parsley along with garlic. Then, add your favorite tomato or broth-based soup to create a flavorful and hearty winter soup.

Breads: Keep your stale bread and rolls, because with Daregal fresh frozen herbs, you can use them as bread crumbs to use in other recipes or as flavorful croutons to serve with salads and soups.

Simply cut the old breads into your desired size, add a dash of olive oil and your fresh frozen herb of choice and then lightly cook them in a preheated frying pan over medium heat for 5 minutes to create a delicious, restaurant quality crouton.

Vegetables: Leftover vegetables can get mushy and unappetizing pretty quick, especially when you serve steamed veggies or dishes with special holiday sauces and toppings. You can easily make such leftovers much more appetizing by creating a simple herbed veggie quiche!

Simply gather enough eggs to create an egg-veggie mixture that will fill a pie shell, then add you favorite shredded cheese, Daregal fresh frozen herbs and bake* until slightly hardened with ham or sausage for a truly hardy and flavorful leftover breakfast!

* Cook pie shell in an oven preheated to 400 for eight minutes, reduce heat to 375 and bake quiche for about 25 minutes or until the mixture is hardened and attains a brownish gold top.


Flavor Your Days

- With Daregal fresh frozen herbs, flavor never has to be sacrificed - even on rushed weekdays when busy lives leave little time for home cooking. Try these easy herb recipe ideas to spice up two daily meal staples: Eggs and sandwiches

Add a little taste to your bland breakfast
Boosting your energy level in the mornings is important, which is why protein-packed eggs have always been synonymous with breakfast. And adding a little flavor to your eggs first thing in the morning is a perfect way to get a great start on your day before school or work.

Simply sprinkling some herbs on scrambled eggs can make any omelet or breakfast sandwich pop with flavor. Add parsley to an egg, ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat toast and you’ll have a simple sandwich that is healthier and more flavorful than many restaurant breakfast meals.

With a little herb flavoring, like cilantro or dill, simple scrambled eggs and cheese can be a delicious meal. If you are really strapped for time in the morning, try mixing up your eggs in a bowl and combining them with basil, parsley or dill and a slice of cheese. Microwave the mixture for about 1 and ½ minutes and bingo: A delicious healthy breakfast in less than five minutes.

Make lunch a whole new sandwich ballgame
When you think of lunch you think of sandwiches. That's both good and bad. Everyone can name a sandwich they love but it’s likely those favorites often grow tiresome after countless daily lunches.

Adding herbs to sandwiches offers a simple way to add an excellent change in taste and texture to your favorite sandwiches. Daregal fresh frozen herbs can be added to all kinds of sandwiches. Try sprinkling your favorite herb in with your spreads or simply adding a dash to sandwiches such as:

Tuna with parsley – A little parsley can add a big dash of flavor for tuna lovers, enhancing the tuna’s natural taste by adding the crisp, freshness evident in Daregal fresh frozen herbs.

Cilantro turkey – The post Thanksgiving tradition of leftover turkey sandwiches gets a nice kick of flavor when you add some herbs. Try whipping up some cilantro into your mayonnaise to make this annual day after treat even more appetizing.

Grilled cheese and tomato with basil – A simple sandwich gets new attitude when you add a dash of basil to the your grilled cheese. Your cheese of choice, basil and a slice of tomato are all the ingredients you need to make a gourmet sandwich for lunch or a late night snack.


Fresh frozen flavor

Time in the kitchen is becoming a scarce resource for today’s families. But thanks to Daregal Gourmet herbs, flavor doesn’t have to be sacrificed to accommodate long days at the office. Use Daregal fresh frozen herbs to spice up the flavor of store-bought meals, frozen entries and common, easily-made foods found in most family’s cupboards.

Here’s three of the easiest ways you’ll find to provide a little extra flavor to some common store bought and easily made food items that on their own, can taste drab without a little flavor enhancement:

Spaghetti - Who hasn’t made a quick meal with a jar of premade spaghetti sauce?

This staple of pressed-for-time diners isn’t bad. But isn’t necessarily good either.

Change that by adding some fresh frozen basil and garlic to your favorite brand of store bought marinara sauce. Adding some ground beef or turkey or serving with a cooked chicken breast will make this quick meal taste like it took much longer than the 10 minutes it took to boil the pasta.

French bread - Add a little excitement to your favorite store-bought bread by serving it with a herb puree for a topping or dipping condiment.

While herb puree sounds and looks fancy, it’s little more than fresh herbs and olive oil. You can whip it up in a good processor with nuts and other additions or simply serve it plain - you’ll instantly add a restaurant-style elegance to your home meals.

Potatoes - Potatoes are another everyday item that is nutritious and easy to prepare but can get a bit drab and flavorless.

But when you add a mixture or parsley and dill and a little sour cream to your potato mix, you’ll be getting a big flavor in a little time period. Add flavorful dill to any type of potato dish – from instant mashed to microwave baked – and your family will thank you for adding a new flavor twist to a familiar item.


Pregame When you don’t have much time to put together some football appetizers, simply sprinkle some dill dip in your favorite sour cream-based dip and serve with assorted raw vegetables and plain rippled potato chips.

Halftime Just as football coaches use halftime as a time to make in-game adjustments, party hosts can decide halfway through a get together that more or different food is needed. If light snacking with dips isn’t tackling your guests’ hunger, throw a frozen pizza in the oven and sprinkle some Daregal fresh frozen basil on it when it’s done – you’ll be surprised how much better it tastes.

Victory celebration When time isn’t a concern and you want to serve the most flavorful dips, try these great party dip recipes.

To successfully make whipped cream, the liquid cream should be very cold. To cool the cream, you can immerse it in a cold bain-marieTo make your whipped cream even lighter and improve its resistance, slowly fold whipped egg whites into the cream.

To protect fruits' flavor while being washed, keep their stem to prevent the fruit from soaking up water, which dilutes the flavour.

To keep food juicy and tasty while cooking on a barbecue, use tongs or a spatula to place it on the grill. If you prick it with a fork, it will lose its natural juice and dry out.

To keep scallops flavor while they are defrosting, thaw them in a mixture of water and milk.

Steam cooking removes salt. Thus one has to remember to salt after cooking.

To cook successfully, one should remember to take meat out of the refrigerator far enough in advance so it is at ambient room temperature.

If you use wooden brochettes, soak them in water the night before to prevent them from blackening during cooking.

To prevent fois gras scallops from melting in the plate, remember to dip them in flour before cooking.

To make it easier to release your cakes from the mould without adding fat, line your mould with aluminium or greaseproof paper.

To make nice mango cubes for a fruit salad, all you have to do – once the mango has been cut in half and stoned – is trace horizontal and vertical lines with a knife and then fold back the skin in order to cut the cubes close to the skin..

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