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About Daregal - the frozen culinary herbs specialist

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Did you know that herbs lose 75% of their flavor and aroma within 24 hours of picking? That’s why Daregal ensures that all of its herbs are processed from field to freezer within three hours. Compare this to the fresh herbs in the produce aisle that have been sitting on the shelf for days on end. Daregal’s deep freezing process preserves the herbs' fresh-picked flavor, aroma, and color. Daregal fresh frozen herbs are "fresher than fresh."


For 120 years, Daregal has been dedicated to growing and selling the highest quality herbs. Everything in the Daregal line is all-natural, and grown under strict supervision according to exacting standards. Daregal has an agricultural Research & Development team dedicated to working with farmers who treat the land and the crops with the utmost respect.


When you buy a container of Daregal herbs, you’re paying only for the tender leaves of the herbs – washed, chopped and ready to use. No waste, no work. And, with a three-year shelf life, Daregal fresh frozen herbs are there when you need them.

Daregal fresh frozen herbs are also the most cost-effective way to enjoy herbs in your cooking. The same quantity of stemmed and chopped fresh herbs would cost nearly twice as much, and the equivalent quantity of dried herbs costs almost three times more.

Daregal - The Gold Standard in Herbs

With unparalleled expertise and uncompromising standards, nobody knows and loves herbs more than Daregal. Consumers can be sure that when they choose Daregal, they’re choosing the very best herbs in the world. The Darbonne family wouldn’t have it any other way.

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